Drunken 'I love you' with the ex, what do you make of it?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about 10 weeks ago.

We've been sleeping together at least twice a week pretty consistently for the past 4 weeks. THINGS went next level last night after seeing each other out clubbing and proceeding to go home together for drunk sex (we hadn't been doing it drunk before now). That's all fine but what isn't fine is the fact that I casually blurted out I love you, and he said it back. I guess I'm in a place where I'm confident I don't feel the same as I did about him a few month ago, and as is he w=but I don't think we would have said that dunk or sober if that as true?

I would like to know what you all make of drunken I love you's with an ex. If you would like to know the background you can read on, but you may not find the background relevant.

SO THE BACKGROUND IS Our relationship was 3 years on / off (of the 3 years we probably have spent about 4 months broken up across 3 occasions including this one) and ended each time as a result of trust issues. Our relationship had become really great in all other areas and I was blind-sighted by this most recent breakup because the catalyst for it was something ridiculous that he had made unreasonable assumptions about but it showed me that even though we'd both hurt each other a lot in the past (and equally by anyones standards) he was having difficulty letting go of some stuff a

Anyway basically the nastiness off the breakup has subsided and I kind of have got to a place where I accept our breakup and my feelings for him had been starting to change and reduce (Which has probably also been helped by some immature behavior and a lot of talking), and I think he had been the same.

Since then though, because I have felt less anxious to be around him and stopped analysing everything or expecting anything, we have started to relax around each other again and I am starting to remember what I did really like about him outside of all the haze of breakups and arguments. I think he has been going through the same thing because the only way I can put it is the last 3 or so times we've hung out, it's been like we've had everything back but the title (the fun, the laughter, the great sex and the carefree nature of our early relationship). We still have a very strong friendship and what is I guess an intellectual connection that neither of us see as a possibility with someone else (after events during our breakups and obviously from our dating history).

Also inb4 the 'stay away from each other and give yourself space/time to move on' speech. I know. Please save it and focus on what's with the 'I love you'


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  • Whoa you so clearly need to get back together... nuff said.


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