How should I move forward with this girl?

So essentially me and this girl were acquaintances and growing closer. She would come talk to me everyday in school and I would try to text her after school. At one point I asked her to hangout and she hadn't answered. I ignored her from then on, and a week later she sent me a text saying she could that weekend. We drove around and talked and it went pretty well, but since then she has been less attentive to me

She rarely comes up to talk to me and doesn't text as frequently. Any advice on how to move forward?


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  • Sweetie, I'm sorry to say but it's not about moving forward with her but about moving on. You know how crazy obsessive s girl can be when she likes you. If she is not even texting you back, she's just not that into you. She may have something else that she's hoping works out and when it doesn't/ didn't she goes to you. I'm sure you know you deserve more. Best of luck on your path.

  • Look elsewhere...if she is interested, she'll find you. If she doesn't , perhaps you will find someone else and won't really care. You answered your own question on how to move foot in front of the other, away . Good luck !


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