I swear he likes me, so why won't he date me and trying to get back with his kid's mother?

I have been working with coworker who is 10 years my junior for 4 months, but it wasn’t until a month ago that I let him know I was interested and his response was very clear: “I don’t feel the same way.” Because we work together I wanted to not make things uncomfortable so I apologize for misinterpreting his kindness and lets focus on bring friends.

The facts since then:

- Standing up for me more than before

- Doing big favors for me

- Saying things like: ” I want your advise, I took your advise, etc.

- Making it his mission to make me laugh when I'm stressed

- “Accidentally” calling me in the middle of the night about a dream he had about work

- Gives me hugs upon rrequest

- Is vulnerable in front of me

- Always in my office

- He disclosed that he is trying to work things out with the mother of his child!

When I put all these things together it would make sense that he likes me, but WHY in world would he not want to date me? I'm not asking for a relationship (or only being intimate), but the opportunity to explore our friendship. What am I missing?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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  • you two work together, it can get complicated.

    he is also trying to work things out with his ex.

    let him work his stuff out


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