Totally lost as to how to approach this situation. Advice?

So this girl and I met last semester at an organization we are both a part of at our college. We started to talk a lot and I really grew to like her. At the end of the semester we were at a party together when one of her friend's basically pulled me aside and told me she did in fact have a huge crush on me.

I was pretty excited by this but when she found out her friend told me things seemed to change. I told her how I felt about her and she was kind of evasive. She said she wasn't trying to be flirty but also wasn't against something happening between us. But because it was about to be the summer she didn't want to commit to anything.

She was staying at school to do an internship and in June started dating a guy who had just graduated. We've been back at school for over a month now and they're still dating.

I thought over the summer I had gotten over her, but now that we're at school again I realized I was wrong. We have to spend a lot of time together for our club, so it's impossible for me to forget about her. I would never help her cheat on her boyfriend, but I can't shake the feeling that she doesn't even like him that much in the first place. It was like she badly wanted a boyfriend and he was the best option available.

She still texts me occasionally and it honestly drives me crazy. I doubt she would break up with him unless she knows for sure that I still like her. I need this to have some kind of resolution, I just don't what to do at this point.


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  • Tell her that you still like her but you don't want it to get in the way of her relationship and if she still wants to be with the other guy, move on. If she likes you back...well she's gonna have to sort something out about that then.


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  • Just tell her how you feel. Then go from there.


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