Does he like me. How do I get his interest back?

We both go to the same church in a nice town and attend the same youth group.

One day he messages me on Facebook and is like "hey" Then he says "I don't know why we never talk". Conversation continued from there and such on Facebook for about a week/four days. He told me I sounded pretty talented when I was telling him about my 8+ years of piano and sports and such. He finally asked for my snapchat and we started sending 20+ snaps a day each day for maybe one 1/2 weeks. He usually sends me shirtless ones at night. I said 'hot" to one of them to which he responds QT. then we had an argument about nirvana/pearl jam on fb and he stopped replying to my snaps for a week. I gave up and when we went to camp together last weekend I wasn't expecting anything. When we got there my friends and I were walking and he did the rock on symbol at me, At dinner that day he elbowed my back and said "hi", which I said hi back and continued on my way, the next day we had a flour and water fight. He poured flour on my shirt and I gave him a look, to which he did the stupid rock on symbol. Ice cream fight later on in which he slathered it all over my arm and I put it on his back. We resumed our normal activities, and then went to play mission impossible. He frequently walked up behind me and would say "boo' or fake punch me. When people got out they had to go to the main dining hall. So naturally I got out quickly. He then stood in front of me and literally we held full on eye contact for five minutes and he would make freshman jokes. We talked for a little and then went to the bonfire, we walked together to it. He asked me several times if I was okay, we had some playful banter, then went down to the bonfire. I sat down and he stood in front of me and basically began pushing my forehead with his hand, he did it three times before I pushed back with my hand which involved interlocking fingers and holding hands for some time. I eventually moved over and he sat next to me, like RIGHT next to me. we stared at each other again and asked questions and such and we flirted. The next day he kicked my chair at lunch and when I turned around he smiled. On the bus ride he sat in front of me and talked to me on the way home. When we got to the church he said bye to me. Texting - We basically flirt a ton, he calls me "pretty" "cute" "cutie" and told me my shyness was cute. He always uses the <3 symbols.

He sent me a shirtless pic Friday but throughout the week he ignored me and rarely responds to texts. We don't snapchat as much either. Did he like me? Did he ever like me? How do I get his interest back?


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  • He obviously likes you.

    Maybe if your shy he's having a hard time telling if you like him back or not for sure.

    • My question is he avoiding me? Did I do somethin?

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    • Thanks for the best answer! Hope things between you two materialize into something great if it's meant to be.

    • Hey no problem! you were great with your advice and very helpful! Thanks so much

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  • it seems like you two like each other but neither of you is making the next move.

  • Wow that's a remarkably detailed summary of your recent interactions with him. Why don't you text him and see if he wants to hang out sometime.

    • Unfortunately I get comments saying oh you didn't out enough detail so I went overboard to make sure that didn't happen

  • I'm a really straight forward person, so I would text him asking him what was going on.

    • Thank you, I did and he assured me nothing was wrong and was very sweet

    • Cool, glad it worked out.

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