Should I tell my ex how much he digusts me then block his number?

Long story short, my ex boyfriend broke up with me a couple weeks ago. Really had no reason behind him doing so. He did it through a text message. I then bitched him out, because we were together 3 years and he tells me this through text.

For some reason he thought when we broke up that ment still talking to me every other day, and doing things together. Finally I wrote him a note block him off social media. The next day (we had one class together) he was crying in class, so I decided to talk to him.

We tried to be friends etc.

Then one day we decided to hook up, I asked him, confiding him as a friend, because he had never lied to me, if he did anything with anyone else/was dating around, he told me no. I didn't want drama/to get involved if that was so. So we did.

I found out three days later, that there was this girl...She and a lot of other people at my college thought that he was dating her. Apparently he even took her out to a fancy dinner two nights before we hooked up. He told me he didn't like her and he was going to tell her that when she got back (she went home during the weekend). He said he wanted to get back toegther with me very bad. He said he realized that he didn't like her after the dinner because she was too self absorbed (Which I know that, because I know her a little bit)

But still, the fact was he got his cake and ate it to. I feel like he broke up with me just to f*** around. That really digusts me. I know I was stupid for even hooking back up with him. He still thinks we are getting back together, until 2 days ago I told him hell no. Since then he has been blowing up my phone, calling texting 48 hours saying he wants to talk.

I don't think I want to, how he lied to me...I don't think he deserves to talk to me. What do you think? Should I just say sorry you don't deserve me? I want to be mature about it too. But sh*tty thing is Ill see him Tuesdays and Thursdays in class. (I sat next to him, but I don't think I will anymore)

Thanks for advice, sorry if long


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  • Ok , The guys a idiot and you are right , you don't need his insane, fluid thinking. Block his number etc The best revenge is to have a great life ! . xxxx

  • Block and move on. Saying something hurtful might make you feel better. Are you a hateful person, do you wanna be that person? I don't. He sounds like bad news honestly. Worry on getting your mind right and move on with your life.


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  • Tell him that you wont, because he lied. And that if he keeps harassing you that you will block him.


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