How should I make the first move? Shy guy?

Hey everyone,

So as of lately I have been introduced to this really cute guy in two of my classes, I just started my freshman year of college and he is in his sophomore year. He is older than me but he is so nice. He acts shy around me even though he was the one to introduce himself to me. I want to move forward and ask him to hang out but, he is so shy around me. He never really talks that often and all he ever does is smile, like its the silliest smile ever... but, anyways.. I like him. obviously. Guys, how would you personally want a girl to make the first move? Girls, have you ever been the first one to make a move? How did it go for each of you. I am so scared to make a move.. lol. I need some pep talking and help!


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  • I think most shy guys are flattered when a girl makes the first move, provided it's not over the top (something I'm not expecting you to do!). When I was in college a girl invited me to study for final exam together and I was terribly flattered. She was very nice but it turned out that we didn't have much in common. Since it wasn't technically a date, it wasn't awkward to leave it at that. Since you're in different years you might not have that opportunity; however if he's taken classes that you have now, that's an option. In the spirit of honesty, only invite his help if you need it. I don't believe in playing dumb.

  • make the first move. my ex girlfriend did and I fell in love with her. she broke my heart later on...but that's another story haha

    you could just ask him if he wants to hang out, watch a movie, or grab lunch. if you don't want to be so forward and be sneaky instead... ask him if he wants to be study buddies for the classes you're taking together


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