Did I do the right thing?

I've posted on here several times because I've been so upset with how my ex has handled the breakup... I am trying to get over him seriously now this time. once again, we go to the same school and have mutual friends and activities etc. blah blah

Break up was decently clean and this past month at school, he has been friendly and then will ignore me and I'm sick of it.

I find out that he is now seeing a girl from IL who has came to visit him for a week. She has bashed me on social media even though I have never met or talked to her before.

I was tired of seeing their lovey dovey stuff, so I blocked her and I blocked him finally from Facebook and twitter so I couldn't see their things anymore. I also deleted all texts from him and his cell phone number which I never memorized, which is good so I can't text him.

I bump into them yesterday coming back from the city and they we're walking dressed in formal clothing to go into the city and he was right about to walk around me and was looking down avoiding me. I genuinely said hello to him and he wouldn't look me in the eye... and said "hi" back and I said hello to her and she gave me a weird look and was like "hi.."

Earlier in mass, they walk in together and I was doing a lot of mass related activities so they both saw me very frequently throughout the service. After mass, the they lingered so to be friendly and show my ex that it doesn't matter to me, I went up to them and I said hello to him and he was instantly cold towards me. And I extend my hand to his new girl and was like "hi, my name is so in so..., I'm *jacks* friend. I've heard a lot of great things about you." And she was very nice and was like, hi I'm so in so, nice to meet you. you were really busy up there, doing so many things up there during the service. And I was like yeah, it something that I enjoy. Well, I don't want to keep you, but I wanted to say

"I wish you both all the happiness" and looked at her and my ex who was just looking at me and was like, "Thank you" kinda surprised look, kinda cold. And I was like well, have a good night. and we walked in opposite directions.

. I see him everyday and I am cordial friendly.

I would love for us to get back together in the future, but I doubt that will happen, unless he changed...

Did I do the right thing by going up and saying hello? I know it shouldn't matter, but I'm confused. sigh.


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  • well, on the surface - the cordial activity, greeting his new lady friend, etc - you're handling it very well.

    I can't say whether or not it's the "right" thing. You mean on a moral level? Not really sure that kind of thing is subject to morality. But, there's usually nothing wrong with being cordial or courteous, if it's sincere.

    • ty for BA =D

    • you're welcome. :) I don't feel its a moral question, as you said. but I feel guilty because I'm afraid of how my ex interpreted this. I did mean it with sincerity but I feel that me going up to them was abrupt...and my ex saw it as me trying to prove something... I do wish him happiness but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss him... and wish that he didn't break it off and enter a relationship so soon... but to each its own...

    • well, in the context of hopes to getting back with him, it probably had no real effect, in all honesty. If he had a high desire to rekindle things with you, your actions may influence his actions. But if it's high enough, he'll do what he feels is best in his heart, regardless of your actions. If has no desire to get back, then it probably wouldn't matter what you did, too.

      Simply put - if he wants to get back with you in the future, it'll be because it's something he TRULY wants inside, already.

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  • Yes, being polite and mature is always better than being an immature bitch with a grudge.

  • You don't have to continually "prove" to them how 'ok' you are with the breakup. that usually means you're overcompensating for NOT being over the breakup.

  • You did the wrong thing by not sticking your ground. Waiting for him to lose his girl is like being a professor waiting on your department head to die so you can vie for tenure track.


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