What can I do? Can I go legal about it?

Ok so my ex is claiming I got him bet up and that I was apart of it. I'm sick and tired of people saying it to me and him telling me he knows I fid. Firstly I didn't. Secondly I don't even talk to the guy who hit him. Thirdly I was out of town the night it haopened. In my eyes that's roumers and slander. What can I do to make him stop I'm fed up of people saying I got my ex bet up :-( I don't even go out anymore because his new girlfriend and her friends hassle me because what he's saying.
Just wondered could guards approach him an tell him a complaint has been made that he's makingfalse allegations against me and if he doesn't stop he will be done for slander?
Contacted police and they adviced me if it continues get solisitor to contact him through a letter saying if he continues to falsly accuse me we will be going further and he will be done for slander :-)


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  • What does "bet up" mean?

    • A guy he fell out with hit him and broke his thumb.. jumped him and 'bet him up' (physical fight)

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    • Nah, at this point he's likely unable to bring up charges. I'm American, so I don't know Irish laws - but I would think that unless he went to the police immediately after he was assaulted could he go back months later and get you implicated. I think he's bluffing, personally.

    • He said he went to the police the next day and we will all be in court. I personally know with statements if you mention someones name then that person is contacted and questioned. This happened at the begining of July and he's annoyong me still to this day with it. How can ge say il be incourt if I haven't had any police asking questions or askinf for a so called statement also I had bothing to do with it.

  • Indeed. Slander or defamation of character is against the law.

    • Thank god. I'm going to look into this today.

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