Is she a rebound? Does he still have feelings for me?

so in the summer my ex and I were together but unfortunately I cheated which I told him about, he started crying like a I've never heard a guy cry before, he kept asking why and telling me he loved me but eventually broke up with me, a week later we got back together and he warned me that if he felt suspicious about anything that he would leave me for good. He always asks for my phone but this time I gave it to him and before he clicked on my messages I snatched it away cause I had forgot that someone I used to talk to sent something naughty, he accused me of deleting the message but I sticked to my lie and said no but soon enough I told him the truth like I always do and he didn't contact me the whole day, the next day he broke up with me and basically said there's no relationship if there's no trust and then he said he was tired of wondering what I'm doing when I'm not with him or when I don't answer his messages. Its been a month since our breakup and I found out a week ago that he had gotten a girlfriend a week or two after our breakup, I talked to him about it and we got in a fight, he reminded me of how I cheated and was talking to other niggas while with him. I also confronted his girlfriend and she seemed nice but such a downgrade apparently from everyone who knows her she is a hoe nd dirty and an eater which is basically when you suck d*** for weed, she also has a nasty personality and has been talking sh*t about me behind my back this whole time saying she wants to fight me anyways I just want to understand how he could not miss me and already have a girlfriend after all we've been through, and get with a hoe? Whos probably gonna do the same and cheat but this time not tell him the truth like I did? Does he even have some feelings for me? Does he still care about me? I'm not all that but I do know I'm prettier and better than her on every level. How can he not be hurting like I've been for several weeks now? Is she a rebound? Or does he actually care about her?


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  • You destroyed your relationship by cheating on him and repeatedly lying to him. Honestly, you don't deserve to have him in your life and, if you truly care about him you'll leave him alone.

    • I know I did that's why I understand and accept the breakup I just want to know if she's a rebound, understand? but you're right as well

    • She very well could be just a rebound but, only he can truly know. In the end it doesn't really matter since, like I said, you destroyed the relationship. Hopefully, you learned a lesson from this and will never cheat again.

    • Alright thanks for the help :)

  • everything you heard about the new girl is biased. you have no real idea how she is except from other people talking sh*t. people tend to spread rumors and cause drama, though I found it amusing that she is called an "eater." if these people are your friends perhaps they are trying to make you feel better.

    anyways onto your questions-

    does he still care about you?

    most likely though he doesn't want to show it

    how can he not be hurting?

    he probably is but his new girlfriend relieves the pain of the breakup

    is she a rebound?

    most likely

    you should keep in mind that you cheated and by doing that you lost every single ounce of trust he had for you. to top it off, you continued to talk to other guys while with him...

    to be completely honest, it's better if you just let it go. even if you were to get back together... I find it unlikely that he would ever be able to fully trust you again. something similar happened to my friend and I can tell you that it didn't turn out well.

    you sound kind of bitter. no offense but it is your opinion that you're prettier and better than her on every level, that doesn't make it true.


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