I'm so confused on what just happened

So I've known this guy since freshman year and we're now seniors and we have a class together. We had a sub one day so it was just a work day and the guy came over to talk to his friend who was sitting right behind me. I used to like him so while he was talking to his friend I glanced up at him only to find that he was looking directly at me so I looked back down immediately. Then something weird happened. After I looked down he sort of bent down in a way so that his face was closer to the same level as mine (I was sitting and he was standing) which made me look back up at him and we made eye contact again! He has a girlfriend so why did he want me to look at him so bad? Was he just messing with me? I felt like he was trying to get me to look back up again and once he did he walked back to his seat on the other side of the classroom! I'm so confused...


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  • I think he is just looking for attention. You deserve better either way, I would ignore him and find someone more worthy of you.


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