Should I tell my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend that he cheated with me?

I did not know that he was in a relationship with the girl. We were casually hooking up with me and other girls and then it came out that he had a girlfriend. Me and my ex is still friends and he is still in love with me. Should I tell his new girlfriend that he is doing her wrong, or just let it go? I feel bad for the girl, and I stopped sleeping with him


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  • No you caused enough problems already

    • how did I cause enough problems? I didn't know they were together.

    • Stay out of others relationships

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  • No it's none of your business. Leave her alone unless you still love him.


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  • Why are you sleeping with someone that's in love with you if you aren't in a relationship, that's just mean? Why don't you leave both of them alone.

    You shouldn't be friends with benefits with people that have strong feelings for you that's called leading them on.

    • Thank you for the advice, the thing is I did not know he had girlfriend when we were. When I found out, I stopped.

    • It's not that you helped him cheat, I realize you didn't know about her. But you know about his feelings for you, "he is still in love with me", and you are choosing to lead him on. That has nothing to do with his girlfriend. That is all on you. You shouldn't friends with benefits with people that have strong feelings because they will always be hoping for more. Doesn't matter if they say they know you don't feel the same way.

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