My boyfriend lives 3 hours away, I need advice..

We started talking on a dating website for about a month but he was away for work then found out he had to move for his job so we didn't meet. Then the last day he was in my city we met randomly and recognized each other, he spent the weekend at my place and the chemistry was unbelievable. We just held each other, nothing sexual but there were a lot of sparks. Anyways, after 2 nights he had to leave to his new city for work but he said he would come back on the weekend again etc. That was only a month ago and we have spent every weekend since then together. But now his new job has fallen through and he is out of work, so I want him to move back here. He hinted about moving in but I made it clear it's too soon but I would be so happy if he could get an apartment here. So for the past week I thought that was the plan but now he's saying he doesn't like this city,(like wtf who cares they are almost exactly the same) ha ha and he told me to move there but I've lived here my whole life, my family is here and I have a job here (and I've only known him a month!) I really want him but don't want a long distance relationship. Is he being selfish? I don't see why he wants to stay there, he doesn't even have a place yet he's staying with friends I feel like if he was as into me as he says he would just come back?


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  • I think you're being a little selfish telling him he should move back to a city he just left because he doesn't have a job anymore. He might get a new one, he might like where he's living better than your city, because it's his life.

    I think you're right telling him it's too soon to live together but you sound like he should spend the time and money to move again. If you don't want to take risks living together why should he make another change just for you?

    I think you should deal with the situation the way it is and not pressure each other. Both of you have to do what's best for yourselves not each other. If you don't want to do that then it's time to call it quits. Do what's in your best interest and let him do the same for himself.

    • Thank you, that's all true but he is living with friends and doesn't have a job there anymore so I guess I just don't understand what's keeping him there.

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