Confused by what he says and does when I'm with him?

I've been sleeping with this guy for about a month and half now. Were not dating just having fun. I started to get the feeling that it's more than that with him so decided to end it. He texted me week after saying he missed me a lot but doesn't want anything serious so I decided to " get back together" so to speak. The other morning he woke up turned to me and said " hey beautiful" kissed me and asked if I could hold him while we were in bed. Then the next day mentioned how if we ever had a kid it would be cute. am I reading too much into this incidents bec it seems like he feels more than just looking to have fun and be serious?


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  • yeah he's obviously hinting and thinking about long term serious relationship if he's bringing up what your kids would look like. My guess is he thinks saying you aren't serious is the only way he thinks he can be with you so he's willing to pretend to be like that. Any guy who is looking for just fun and nothing serious won't be talking about anything long term like moving in together, big trips together, your future together etc.

  • Yes, he definitely sounds like he wants a permanent relationship--usually it's the girl pushing for that. Could I ask why you don't want more than a fling?

    • Because I'm just not able to be in one right now. I work and travel a lot. When we first met he said we were just having some fun so that is what I assumed this one.

    • He's quite willing to settle down with you!

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