So there's this guy, not sure of his intentions, opinions?

I met this guy at a party...we really hit it off and he invited me to stay at his place. He never even attempted to make a move on me...which I really admired because that's not typical when a drunken guy invites you to sleep in his bed. I told him that I admired the fact that he respected me enough to not try and molest the drunk girl. The next time we hung out...same situation...didn't even attempt a kiss. Finally the third time we hung out we ended up gretting handsy and to make a long story short...we had sex. We've been hanging out regularly like three times a week now for the past month. I feel like I always initiate hanging out even though I feel like we both mutually enjoy each others' company. We don't always have sex when we hang out...but I'm not sure how to feel about the fact that he never really initiates talking or hanging out. Now at first...I took this as a sign that I was just one of a hundred women that this guy was with...but when I started to ignore him he took it very offensively and was immediately trying to apologize for whatever he thought he did wrong. Sometimes he seems into me and other days I feel like I just annoy him. I continue this and continue to initiate to hang out or just let it go and move on? Could he just be shy or waiting for me to make moves? Opinions?


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  • You should stop playing mind games on people, specially people you like. Those games spoil relationships. Being passive in contacting you might be just part of his personality, it's not necessarily something bad. If you want to know his intention, instead of experimenting with his feelings go ask him. It's safer than messing with his head.


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