Me and the ex, back together?

Ok so a little history lesson first... She was my first kiss and we went out for only two weeks, she is one year older and while I think I'm passionate she is more so. She broke up with me because of two reasons, another guys, and I was a bit immature (which I will own completely for at that time). I had been getting along pretty well with out her for 2 years but wanted to be friends with her so we have been talking the last few weeks regularly. I have grown up a lot and I am also a natural old soul... we are talking 1950s old.

Any way she has been very flirty and well... rather horny. I let her go with it because I think its just all in fun but one night she was so tiered and babbling and telling me how much she still cares for me. I have since worked on trying to build a relationship with her, I have been attentive, drawn lines but not to strict and been a good friend to her. What I didn't know is that months previous she was involved with a large scandal at a local school in which she had sex with a boy still in a relationship and she went threw a rough time for a while. She is still feeling from that and she is best friends with the guy and his girl now. Every time I bring him or any one up she says 'don't be jealous' yet when I got an Italian tutor at my school she said she is a little jealous. Well last night I let us cross a line, I really couldn't say no and I feel horrible about it now. Any way I was trying to have a cuddly warm conversation and she turns it into 'I am not going to date you right now'. I got upset and she threatened not to talk to me if I keep being a downer so I said 'good bye then'.

I know she will call or text back sooner or later but what the hell can I do about our relationship? These feelings on both our sides won't go away.


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  • Sounds like y'all are still really immature.

    This behavior is known as fwb, that's all it's ever going to be. Honestly she's sounds like some crazy bitch with mental problems and you sound like you're going to fix her. I hate men that have the 'save the damsel in distress' complex. Those kinds of women play men. If they wanted to fix their problems they would. It's much easier to make up drama so that they can get attention.

    If you want a life then drop her and never speak to her again, she's a game player. This scandal you speak of is known as cheating. It happens a lot not really a scandal unless it was with a politican, became national news, with an adult (where police should be called if she's also under 18), you know that kind of thing. She caused this drama by getting in the middle of a relationship, hence she's the problem. RUN!

    • It's a small town so yah its a scandal first of all. Second she just has really low self-esteem and I know that about her, I don't want to fix her per say I just want to make her happy. That's also why she was with the guy at all he made her feel special.

      Maybe your right and we are both immature but I can't stop thinking of her.

    • Please wear a condom so the rest of us don't have to pay for your mistake.

      If she wanted to have bettter self esteem she wouldn't be trying to get it from other people. If you can't be happy alone you will never have a good relationship. I still say she's a psycho and you shouldn't get involved. If you were thinking with your brain and not your d*** you'd know this.

    • Ouch, the brain/ d*** comment hurt. :P

      Maybe your right, I will play it safe until I make up my mind. Thanks.

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