Two year relationship, break or stay?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for nearly 2 years now. Started off great for being first relationship, especially not knowing what I was doing. After few months of sex we stopped having any and I thought it was my fault and shortly after we talked bout breaking up round our one year anniversary but I tried to fight for the relationship and week or two later we split. Then bout a week or two later after we talked and also seeing each other at work, got back together and to try and spend more time I joined local gym she started going to, to spend more time and even had one of my nights off set to one of hers so wed have a date night. Wasn't feeling the relationship was working til got closer to V-day then she was all lovey dovey again. Then we took an out of town vacation together for a concert and trip to Disney. Thinking after year of no sex and being out of town and all might have better chance but no go and then come home and few days after I was trying to find out if she wanted to go to the gym that morning. Not getting response I called and got no answer so text again and finally got a response saying no and that she was seeing someone else for the past 2 months. Well after ignoring her for a while she finally said she wanted to talk and we did and she said it was some guy friend her family was trying to get her to be a good influence on that had sent that. I have hard time still believing the whole story even after asking why we stopped having sex and her always saying was my fault to now being had a pregnancy scare. She had never told me which I think I should've been told bout cause if that had been the case it'd been easier then me thinking for over a year that it was all my fault. After all this we got back together and even after the talk I had bout her being on her phone more then being with me as it feels like I am a 3rd wheel in this relationship, she still spends more time on it than with me. And when she does she tries to hide what she's doing, granted I am not trying to see but when I glance over and see her doing it. I do so much for her and no matter what I do at times it feels like it is for nothing. Most recently I asked if she wanted to go to a Halloween party my friends invited me to on our first night of vacation and she instantly said no without even thinking bout it. When asked all she said was cause she was hoping we were going to rocky horror and then also saying she didn't know anyone there. I didn't know her friends or family but when asked to do stuff with them I always said yes. I just don't know if it is worth staying together much longer or not.


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  • Um what reasons do you have to stay?

    She's cheated, doesn't like hanging around you, doesn't have sex and the one I find most important. She's basically cheating on you with her phone but barely has time to text you or answer when you call. She's using you for something. I don't know if you are living together and paying the rent, maybe you spend a lot of money on her, car insurance, I don't know. I'm guessing there's something you are doing/giving her that she doesn't want to give up but she doesn't want a relationship with you.

    This is your first relationship. There are better options for you to be happy but you have to get out there and date a lot of them to find one that fits. Break up and get out there.

    • Even when I moved into this house and asked her to move in she didn't. I don't pay any of her bills. Trust me I have tried figuring out why she still stays with me.

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