Did my ex-boyfriend lie to me about why we broke up?

So my ex-boyfriend and I have been broken up since June 29th of this year. We do still talk over text message and Facebook but not a whole lot. Basically, he broke up with me over Facebook because he said he couldn't handle a relationship with the stress of everything going on in his life. He also was depressed and had low self-esteem.

He then messaged me on the Fourth of July, and I messaged him the day after, and we talked. Since we have been broken up, when we talk, he almost always wants to hang out, me come to his house and watch movies or tv, or he wanted to go swimming in the summer. He will call me baby or say, "Hey you." He has even said he wants to have a "sleepover" or "cuddle and make out." I told him one night that I didn't think it would be a good idea to cuddle and make out because we're just friends, and he acted sad about it. He then asked me if I wanted us to be just friends, and I said yes. He was also sad about that. He also started sending me mixed messages, and I asked him where we were at relationship wise, and he said he wasn't sure about it but that he really likes me.

Then a couple days ago when one of my friends and I were talking about him, she told me that he wanted her to come to his house and cuddle, and she told him no. She also said that he told her that she would be fun in bed. She's also friends with him, and one time he asked her to be friends with benefits, but she told him no.

Now I'm just wondering if he lied to me about why we broke up, and I'm so mad at him. I know it's long, but I'd appreciate some feedback. This was also my first boyfriend.


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  • Pretty easy to see what's going on here. He's looking for booty calls. He's definitely not looking for a relationship. Give him a little credit though. At least he's not lying about that part. So technically he didn't lie. He doesn't want a relationship. He wants sex and friendship. Nothing wrong with that but if you're looking for a relationship with the guy you'll probably be waiting for quite a long time.

    • Hi Bob,

      I do suspect that that's all he wants is sex. I just wasn't sure if he lied because of what he said to my friend, and I didn't know if he wanted to break up with me to fool around with other girls. Well, I'm not giving him what he wants; we're friends and nothing more. I'm also not planning on taking him back.

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  • Sound to me like he's playing games!I know a lot of people like freedom but if that's what you want don't get in to nothing serious ...Put it like this what was once a blessing is now a lesson keep it that way one because he has no idea what he wants... Move on Hun!

    • Hi Pebbles,

      Thanks for your answer. I'm not one of those women who has sex with just any guy, and I'm definitely not into the whole friends with benefits thing. I will gladly move on from him; I can't wait around for him.

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