My ex-boyfriend repeatedly keeps disrespecting our relationship, should I leave?

My boyfriend ex has been disrespecting our relationship for a year. She text and call everyday telling him she love him. Well today they talked on the phone 8 times and he called her back. This has been going on for a year now. I stay with him. He refuse to change his number and he barely mentions me to her. He filed a complaint because I wanted him to. He refuse to move forward with that. He always show me what she wrote in a text. we been together for a year and still deal with this. He told me his ex was just a one night stand to him. he said he been trying to get rid of her for 4 years now. He tells me she is crazy and won't leave him alone. His ex snf him was together for 5 years. I don't know what was said on the phone. He won't take me over her house to speak to her nor will he tell me where she stay at. Should I leave?theres a reason why she still may be in contact with him. She change her phone number a lot. They always argue and block each other. I'm still hearing about they drama. He tells me he gonna change his number he never do it. It's like he always protect her


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  • rofl how is she a one night stand?

    I think I've already told you this, but your current boyfriend, is a loser.


    How would you like it, if someone stole your love away?! And you pictured yourself with this person forever. You wouldn't like it one bit. Well guess what, this is what your doing.

    Leave him, you will find better.

    And he's not listening to what you want, cause straight up, if he really wanted her gone, he would have changed his number.

    • He told me she was just a girl he had sex with and that's it and he don't want her contacting him because she obsessed

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    • Honestly, just let him go. She won't stop calling, she never will. I'm sorry to say. Tell him he needs to figure his crap out.

    • I replied a lot below, so you might wanna push on the "show older comments" tab.

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  • seems to me that he isn't over her entirely. for whatever reason he just can't shake her. I would be sick of it at this point...well probably wouldn've been sick of it earlier...i'd leave

  • Are you a glutton for punishment? Give him an ultimatum with a time limit, and if he doesn't comply, then leave him. If he's worth his salt, he'll be begging you back in short order with promises to do what you asked. If he doesn't, then you haven't lost anything but a boatload of future heartache. If he does what you ask, then you know he's for real. Seems like the ball is in your court? You stay in this of your own free will, so whatever happens is also your choice. Leave him now and you'll probably get him back. Stay with him (while allowing this to continue) only means it will end later in more pain. Since he won't act, it's time that you do!

    • I already talked to him about it. This has been going on for a whole year we been together

    • It's time for you to stop talking and start acting. Leave his sorry rear end. If he really cares, he will be begging to do whatever you want to get you back. If he doesn't, then you really haven't lost very much. You need to find the right guy...and this guy doesn't sound like he is it to me.

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  • Can I ask where you're from?

    Anyways, I think there's more to the story than he's telling you. He's likely responding positively to her advances when you're not around (even if it's once in a while that he does so).

    A girl doesn't just do that for 5 years. And a guy doesn't put up with it for 5 years either

  • That's a bit odd. He doesn't sound like he's over the relationship.

    It would be one thing if they were friends but all of this sounds really weird. He should stop answering if he doesn't want to talk to her.

    Talk to him about it and/or leave.

    • I did he said he thinking about getting his number changed

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