Might she be interested?

Ok so me and this girl work together. She is training actually to work. But the two times she has come in to train has been during my shift. The first time she told me a couple days before, but today she came in without me knowing. I really like her. I find her extremely pretty and fun to be around.

She seems to look me in the eyes a lot when we talk to. She said her back hurt about 3 times today and I wasn't sure if she wanted me to massage it or not. We don't know each other really well so I didn't offer. Should I have? She sparks up a lot of conversations too.

So what do you think? I want to ask her to go to this place with pumpkin patches and hay rides and stuff but I'm not sure if she is into me or not and I'd rather not mess anything up w her because I like her a lot.


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  • I wouldn't read too much into the back pain thing, but you're more likely to mess things up by not acting than by taking a chance on asking her out. If she says no because you work together be cool with it.


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