Is this cheating or am I making a BIG deal?

I'm new to gag and I've seen a lot of married females talk dirty to fellow guys and volunteer pictures of different parts of their bodies.. Lord only knows how far it goes... Is it considered cheating... its only pictures or maybe videos.. What do you think?
GUYS: Would you share these pictures and videos knowing she is married?


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  • I wouldn't necessarily go as far as cheating because it's only words, pictures and videos. It's like looking at p*rn but you get to have a conversation with that person, I'm married and I think there is a lot of cute guys on here and I've shared a thing or two. But they know I'm married and that's how far it goes, it's just entertainment with a friendship on the side...

    • I agree with you too.. If my significant other can look at p*rn, why can't I look at naked guys I know and watch him pleasure himself.. J/S

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    • If you think you its just fun why you answered "anonymous" ?

    • I answered anonymous because I didn't want people to add or hate me because of this opinon..My husband is aware, he thinks it's crazy how many actually have showed themselves regardless of us being married..

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  • Sending nude pics to others? Here's a line of what's acceptable in a relationship. That crosses it a long time

    Good rule of thumb to measure of you think what your doing would be cheating. If your partner was engaged in that behavior with someone else, ask yourself honestly how you would react

    • I agree with that but how's it different from looking at p*rn.

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    • I'm not cheating I don't even have a boyfriend or husband.. I was just curious if this acceptable behavior. Sheesh!

    • In that case then, I'm sorry for this comment. But, no it's not acceptable behavior to most people.

  • Consider the actions of your married female friends as an example of slutty behavior. The guys may like it, but in the eyes of the same guys...those women are trashy. Don't make the same mistake. If you think some guy looks good, share it with your friends but avoid the public action of talking dirty. As for it being cheating...not really as long as you didn't expect something in return.

    • I agree with you kedslover... I think it's because most women are bored, lack attention or not sexually satisfied..

  • The respectful thing is not to view those photos in the first place. But, if already shown, sharing is a case of bad taste and reflects badly on your ability to use good judgement.

  • Yes it's cheating and, no it's not like p*rn.

  • wait what? where are these members at lol

    • Would you be willing to show yourself to a married woman? Knowing at the end of the day you are just getting her off.

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    • i must be living under a rock on gag

    • and to the question asker... that would be a no lol

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