I was told to move on and now they are upset that I did?

So I have been chasing this girl for 7 month without getting anywhere due to my shyness. She was the one girl that made me freeze. We both happened to like each other during this time. We would literally stare at each other all f***ing day... Her friends told me very recently to move on. I asked them why and they said that some things are just meant to be, you will feel it from the start, and that there are millions of other girls out there. I agreed because I have been liking this girl for such a long time and never really got anywhere...

The next week I met a girl in star bucks. Wow to my surprise my feelings for the past girl completely disappeared and I ended up getting this persons number and hit it off a couple dates. I didn't expect anything like this to happen since I was so sprung over the other girl but it just did and It swept me off my feet?

I told all her friends that have constantly been telling me that "its time to move on" that I did move on and I starting dating a somebody I met from starbucks.

To my surprise - all her friends seemed so mad and upset at me? I don't understand why? They don't even know this girl I met at starbucks and I felt like it was a goal of theirs to get me to move on but now they are all upset?


So I did move on and now they are acting like this? Wtf?

They told me this

"Honestly, you should just move on. Some things are just meant to be. You will feel it from the start and it will click right away, I would just let it go if I were you."

Successfully moved on and now they are miserable about this...


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  • Women are crazy.

    Seriously if you asked out girl one and did you best to date/get to know her and never got anywhere then you have every right to move on.

    However if you never spoke to girl one but everyone knew you liked her that's kind of weird.

    Be with the girl 2 if she's making you happy and who cares that crazy women are mad at you. You're a guy women are always going to be mad at you LOL.

    • I actually never spoke to her because I always froze around her for some weird reason? never had this problem before. I did ask her out the first month I met her but she had to wiggle her way out because she was put on the spot. After that she gave me 100 times more signals and green lights but I never got the nerve to take a chance again. Then her friends told me to move on 6 months later and I did.

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    • I do enjoy my current girlfriend. The only thing that strikes me is why her friends would be extremely upset at me moving on as they said I should. Them telling me to move on helped me find somebody and It just clicked right away.

    • Seriously I don't know why you're so obsessed with what her friends think.

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  • 1. You had a right to move on. She was the one who dumped you. You're not the bad guy here.

    2. She probably only said those things hoping you would fight harder. She's probably watched one too many Nicholas sparks movies

    3. Even though you met this great new person you obviously still hold something for this girl or you wouldn't even care that she is upset. You'd probably think to yourself This isn't my problem you got what you wanted. Not asking us why she contradicted herself.

    4. You have to ask yourself do I want to start over? Or do I want to start something new that may or may not end the way I want it to? You already know who you want. It's just always seems easier for someone else to make that decision for you.


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  • either they are dumbass hoes or they knew she liked you and just enjoyed fucing with you but all I can say is f*** them enjoy your girl you met at starbucks


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