Why would my ex contact me again if he is in a relationship?

Why would my ex send me a friend request on Facebook after 5 years?

I never added him but did have a look out of curiosity. Saw he was with this girl (very pretty), seems to have treat her well as well.

He never treated me well. He had even stolen from me at one stage. Seeing that really annoyed me!

Just hate how guys who treat someone like crap can end up being in good relationships? Where I have been nothing but nice and treat people really well yet I still end up the one being single!

I don't even know why my ex would want to re add me after all this time if he did have a girlfriend. I ended up deletion the friend request in disgust.

As off I am gonna be friends or 'pick off from where we left off' with someone who never treated me with respect and stole from me! Shakes head.

Sorry if the grammar seems a bit off. Damn auto correct! LoL.


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  • Maybe he added you to show off his girlfriend to try to make you jealous. If that's the case, then it doesn't speak well for the future of their relationship! It seems it took him quite a while to find a new girlfriend.

    What makes you think he treats her well? I assume you felt treated you well at some point before the truth about him came out. That may happen again. In any case, I wouldn't envy her at all. He doesn't deserve your envy either because, well, he's who he is.

    • Um no. Not really! We were never in a serious relationship. Although at times I got confused and thought that we were. Feel like a bit of an idiot when I look back to that and at how I let that guy treat me in the past. Red face. Lesson learnt the hard way!

      Before he got with her I am guessing, he sent me more messages on Facebook. Letting me know how "he was single again and wanted to go back to how things were before" I never fell for it and just ignored him.

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    • Seems pathetic to me. I guess he thinks it validates him and hopes you would agree? I can understand showing off a pretty girlfriend to other guys, as juvenile as that is. But to show her off to other girls?

    • Completely agree. Must be an insecurity thing on his part. I am not the one he has to prove to be a good guy to. Hence the patheticness.

      The girl is pretty. I will give him that. But not a totally drop dead gorgeous model. LoL.

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