Mixed messages hooking up in club

I'm in college and I met a girl last night and we kind of hooked up. I talked to her before we went to the club and could tell she liked me.

At the club I made my move and we kissed, but she didn't really seem that into it and eventually we separated. I went off and she talked to some other guy, but didn't make out with him.

Later, we met in the club and we went outside and kissed again, but she insisted on seeing where her friend was in the club after and it got awkward. Eventually, we walked back to college and just had a chilled out conversation and then kissed when we got back. She said she wanted to see me soon.

I'm just confused, there wasn't really any intensity in her contact with me. I don't think she was messing me around, but equally I don't understand why she was so standoffish.

What do you guys think my best move is?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She said she wanted to see you soon and (regardless of the awkwardness of kissing her) she's acting into you, so I think you should offer to hang out in a sober environment lol


What Guys Said 1

  • See her again. If she was a club meet, she might have been kind of drunk. Get to know her better before making a decision.

    • I feel like I should be polite. Add her on Facebook and send her a message saying it was nice to meet her.

      Is this a bit formal/too needy?

    • Face to face is way better than FB. Ask her out. If she says yes, then add her on FB.

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