Still has feelings but doesn't want to be with me right now? Why?

I'm in college and I was seeing this guy who recently ended things with his girlfriend. He told me that he hated her, and we started hooking up and eventually became exclusive. A few days later he received texts from his ex and told that he needs to be alone for a bit because it's not fair to me that he's still thinking about her. We spoke the other day and he told me to not give up on him because he still has feelings for me. How do I approach this?


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  • let him go. you are the rebound. this is a slippery emotional slope... if a guy says they "hate their ex" 8x's out of 10 it means he's not over her and actually has some feelings left. He's hurt due to something that happened.

    For your part you are in the uneviable position of being the rebound. he is emotionally...let's call it bi polar...right now. He hates her but clearly still likes if not loves her. You are probably going to be pushed away and pulled back as his emotions and feelings fluctuate. him telling you "not to give up on him" is really a selfish act to try and have you but also see where things are and how he feels about his ex


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  • You are going to just have to wait a little longer and see. If he does not come around soon move on.

  • It's up to you whether you want to wait on him or not.

    All he is doing is telling you the truth- - he likes you, has feelings for you, but knows that if he tried to date you at the moment, you'd wind up being miserable and rightly blaming him for it. He'd rather take the chance of waiting and making a good first impression, than definitely making a bad one, and then maybe never getting a chance at making a good second impression.


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