Best friends or something more? Help please!

So there's this guy with whom I've been extremely close friends with for the last 3 years. He had a girlfriend initially, and then they broke up and sometime after that I started dating for a couple of months and we broke up too. We used to stay close by during college, so he used to come and meet me everyday. We used to sit and chat for hours, we've seen movies together, gotten drunk together(alongwith other friends too), and we've gone for walks too. Our conversations are a lot about himself, a bit about myself, life, movies, etc. He teases me a lot. He keeps teasing me that I'm fat/dumb/etc. He always used to clam up when I used to talk to him about his girlfriend. But he's asked me several times about my ex and whether I liked him actually. I don't know if I have to read anything into it though, Because he always maintains a distance physically(I'm the one who initiates physical touch) and he always says things like "I'm not the marrying type" or "i never want to have kids.", which is opposite of what I want in life. Also, I'm one year elder to him and he has said once or twice that he does have a problem with dating women older to him.

He has kissed me on the cheeks when he was extremely drunk, he has told me "i love you" when he was drunk, and I don't know if he meant it or not as he was drunk, but he is hardly the expressive type, so I guess it does mean something. When he was leaving the city to go back home, we hugged each other, a full bodied hug for an entire minute. And that was that.

Cut to the present. We've been living in the same city now for the last 6 months, and he lives close by, so we meet almost 2-3 a week, with friends, but we've also gone on movies together alone, and met for quick dinners alone. We've also stayed at his place and watched movies, drank or talked through out the night quite a few times, but each time it ends with him sleeping first or me passing out too drunk on the double bed or the bed in the hall. But neither of us made a move.

He asks me if I'm in touch with my ex, we have discussed qualities we look for in our partners, he keeps teasing me all the time, we keep texting, we have wonderfully long convos - these signals make me think he likes me.

But then he never makes the move, and I'm too shy to do so, so I really want to be sure before making the move. Please help! Am I reading the signals right?

(also, sorry for the long post!)


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  • If you want something you happen you're going to have to get over your shyness and do something about it


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