How do I go about this? It's gonna be hard

So I've been talking to a guy I knew way back when before he moved. We were kinda friends then , but we've been talking for about a year and have gotten way close. We're both 18, live a few states apart.

We've been talking kinda seriously about being together, because we both have wanted this as he's a really great guy.

But the more I've thought about it, the more I realize how depressingly unlikely it is.

It's just sad to think about and I know it would kill me to never be able to see him. Plus I feel like we'd be missing out on life. And I don't know how well I can deal with knowing all these girls are all over him :/

It really does kill me and I reeeeally am into him. He was planning to try and visit this summer even.

But I feel like I need to end it before it gets any closer really. :(


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  • end it if you want. or try to move closer to each other.

    i wouldn't let insecurities about other women dictate your behavior, and if you are that concerned about it then I would think there is a larger problem that just the distance (like you don't think he'd be faithful). sometimes things just aren't meant to be, at least for the time being. maybe you two should just be friends and perhaps at some point when you're closer together you two can make it work


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  • If you do that, you'll always regret it and wonder what if for the rest of your life. Believe me, in the long run, that is much worse than anything that might come of you two actually meeting.

    • You really think that us, being early college kids could really make something long distance like that work?

      Because I know I'd like to think that. But I don't :/

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    • Thank you :)

    • I just neeeeed some of it apparently!

      You do make a good point, and I definitely realize that I won't like my decision. But I don't know. The more I think, the more it seems not feasible at all.

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