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I broke up with a guy and I would like to know if the following things might mean he is still interested in me.

It's only been about a month since the break-up, and remember, it was me who did the breaking up. So I am not sure if this means we are just friends now?

In the contact we've had, I'm and emails, he only teased me once with a nickname when I sent him a kiss, but then he asked me how a work project was going.

He gave me advice on how to proceed with that problem, and another time he told me what he's been up to (new projects) and then we discussed working together next month on a new project - it was my idea, and he said he was definitely interested in doing it.

He's not initiating contact, but he always responds to me and doesn't seem to be at all pushing me away. However, I'm confused.

I mean, would a guy still want to work with me and do the little things listed above if he did not still like me?


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  • He's not showing any signs. He's being a professional and doing his job, which is what he should be doing. You're reading far too much into this. It's nothing.

    • No we met cause we are in the same industry but we DO NOT have any ties like working in the same company at all... so us starting a new project together is freely by choice not because we work in the same company.

    • If that is a sign of anything, it's just a sign that he is OK with being just friends. Although it's possible that he accepted because he still likes you, you need more to conclude that he does than he being nice enough to work on a project with you. You just got to proceed and see if he does start giving you more obvious signs. Right now, you shouldn't conclude that he does or doesn't.

    • You're absolutely right! I think that time will tell. I know that when I broke up with him he was every bit as hurt as I was then so it's so hard to keep the emotions out of it sometimes. I guess also I should wait and see if he does anything to contact me.

  • No, he still likes you and has hope you might like him to,x

    • I hope so and I sent him an IM last night about his new project so he emailed me more info about it right away but that was it. He didn't say anything else.

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    • Sometimes it takes someone to be a genuine friend with no ulterior motive emotionally for the other to realize that they risk losing this person as an emotional link to make them realize what that person actually means to them, so be a genuine friend and see if he reaches out to you, try not to show an emotional link between you both as far as your concerned, this can really work wonders to those who are emotionally unstable,x

    • Well said, and that's what I've been doing. Our last email was on Friday, just work talk mostly. However, he didn't send me anything else so I haven't contacted him at all anymore. I want to see now if he reaches out to me, looks for me, misses me. Otherwise if I keep initiating contact it feels like I'm chasing him. I have made the effort first as I was the one who broke up, so the ball is in his court as to what comes next. If he doesn't contact me, I have to assume that he does not care.

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