Does he really like talking to me?

So this guy at work will pick a table across the room from me at break, however he will always smile and say hi when he walks in. Most of the time I go over and talk to him and we will talk the whole break. But if he rreally wanted to wouldn't he come over to me first?


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  • Maybe he would, or maybe he's shy... I have no idea.

    I do think if he was interested he would take the initiative to be around you and talk to you at whatever time/place. Unless he's shy...

    I don't know the guy so this is hard to answer.

    • Doesn't seem shy. He talks to a lot of people and always seems happy to see me.

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    • I'm not really talking about "interest" just simple friendly conversation (for now). Like I said since I generally have to go to him, though he is always quick to say hi when we pass each other, just making sure he actually wants to talk.

    • I understand. Well I guess just keep being friendly and every now and then give some distance to see if he takes the initiative at some point. You'd think someone would eventually if they really want to talk to you, you know? No matter what the case is, I personally wouldn't want a friend or otherwise in my life if I have to give 100% when they aren't reciprocating.

  • maybe he doesn't want to feel like he's invited himself to talk to you incase you didn't want to speak to him, like he's being pushy

    • See and I kinda feel like I am being pushy

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