Why do girls get mad when you successfully move on?

So this girl iv been working at for 7 months and no success actually told me its time to move on. She actually did like me but we never got anywhere because for some reason we were both extremely shy. So I did move on and to my luck I met this gorgeous girl in starbucks couple days later and we hit it off right away. I brought her to the gym to workout. The girl that told me to move on works there and when she saw us together she completely flipped out and through her papers. All her friends were so furious also and through huge fits. wtf?

Im just wondering why do girls get mad when you successfully move on?


Most Helpful Girl

  • She's just jealous you moved on


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What Girls Said 1

  • Because girls want to be fought for...Its that easy

    • What do you mean by fought for? She ended it with him?

    • No matter what girls want to be fought for maybe she wasn't realllly over him so she may be pissed you have moved on so fast girls are weird about tht stuff

What Guys Said 3

  • My friend, this is the moment when you know moving on was the right choice. Women like this want to break up and are hoping to God you are miserable and constantly trying to get them back. It strokes their egos beyond imagination. And it's exactly what no man would want to have in a woman.

  • Because it means they have no power and mean nothing to you.

  • Because her and her friends are miserable , jealous and are player haters . Leave them be. You won, and she lost .


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