I'm probably reading way too much into this but what is your opinion on what's happening?

I have this pretty adorable looking guy in two of my classes which are back to back. First class we sit separately. After class he always waits for me to walk out of class so we can walk together (or vise versa) to our next class. On our way to the next class, we've talked quite a bit and gotten to know each other quite well. Then in our second class we always sit next to each other and we always pair up with each other or in the same group. Only problem is he has a girlfriend. I'm probably reading way too much into this but what is your opinion on what's happening?


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  • From the guy point of view I can only say he want to get closer to you.

    I have to tell you something, I was for a long time fooled by the idea that if a girl already as a boyfriend I shouldn't talk to her because it was pointless. But then I realized that at this age we are responsible adult and that at some point a we switch partner and maybe the current boyfriend of the girl I'm interested in has taken her from her previous boyfriend, etc...

    Then I realized a second thing, and you could blame me for it according to your own opinions, I don't care, but what stop me from flirting with more than one girl ? Should I really go through an endless spiral of flirting with one girl>beeing rejected>flirting with another girl>beeing rejected... until I settle for an apparently stabble relationship. No, I flirt with a lot of girl only to increase my chances.

    Just do what make you happy.


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  • i think he actually likes you he is getting you as a possible option.


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