Ex-girlfriend weirdness?

When my ex and I were together, there was a pet name I had for her based on a fictional character (and she loved it), After we broke up, we decided to try to remain friends, and have maintained a small amount (not a lot) of contact on Facebook, and recently a few phone chats. I still call her by that name. She just changed her cover photo to a picture of the character, and I sent her a message saying I liked it. She responded with "lol ;) I knew you would". The implication is that she posted it BECAUSE she knew I'd like it.

I'm trying to figure out how to take this? She's got a new boyfriend, but I've heard through mutual friends that he's a douche bag, and things aren't going so hot. When I talk to her, we never talk about our past relationship, and he never enters the conversation. It's mostly stupid stuff, like musical interests we share, the other day she texted me out of the blue to tell me nothing of any significance. All of our texts are friendly.

And while I still call her by my pet name, she hasn't posted anything in reference to it since we split.

I'm being a little wishy washy here, but I'm genuinely confused. I thought she'd moved on, and I've been trying too. I'd like to get back together and try to fix things, but I came to the conclusion that it was never going to happen.

She's never done ANYTHING to try to string me along, so I'm thinking she might be trying to send me a hint, but I don't want to get my stupid hopes up to find out she's just toying with me.

Just looking for thoughts or insight. I don't need to hear about how stupid it is to get back with exes. I'm okay with making that mistake a second time.


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  • I can relate that so much ! I VE BEEN THROUGH THIS &Still I am ... well I m still waiting for my ex boyfriend to get back but just in my dreams I have desactivated my fb account after telling him my last words " we might see each other in the far futur" ! Then I ve never opened it till now .. I just trynna let go and move on ... But I'm still that hopefull for a comingback in the futur .. he might get shoked !

  • i don't think its a msitake if you think your cycly with her isn't over then you need to see what will happen go for it.


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