A brief fling 4 years ago which I ended and now I want him back. Will he want me back?

I just got back from a trip to Canada from the UK, to see an old flame. There was plenty of flirting before I went and we had a great time when I was there. I've fallen for him & he says he's into me but he's starting school in January and wants to see how things pan out with it in case he doesn't like it. He says he doesn't want me to move to Canada yet in case he wants to take off. He's coming to see me for NY in Canada while I visit my friend this Xmas and also coming out to see me early next year in the UK. He says he wants to see how we develop via Skype and on these trips and if college works out. If he's staying then he says we can talk about me moving out. If not he may come to UK. He said he doesn't want to go head first into something and make big changes as he's done it in the past and it hasn't worked for him.

I should probably state that we met 4 years ago in a bar in Hong Kong he was travelling and I was on a visa run from China. We hooked up and the next week he moved to China to be with me. He came on too strong and I freaked out asking him to leave. We kept in touch since as friends.

He used his airmiles to get me out to this trip to Canada and organised everything for us like hotels, meals out and took me everywhere I wanted to go. We had a really good laugh and I guess I'm upset at his reaction to keep me at arms length. Am I expecting too much from him now? He seemed very unsure what life holds for him in the next few months and didn't think it was fair to me to drag me out there and leave my good job.

Should I put him to the back of my mind? Is it an excuse as he doesn't really see us being together in the future? I'm worried I'll get my emotions further caught up and get really hurt if I put energy into this. Though he has been skyping and texting me since I got back which is always hard with an 8 hour time difference.

Can guys really do this long distance thing?


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  • i don't think it will be a mistake to try and ge thim back, if I ever want to do something I do it, I don't wait around and then regret not trying to get it. that's way wors.e so go for it.

  • This doesn't seem realisti

    • That is exactly the situation so I don't know why it doesn't seem realistic.

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