Wants to get back or just cannot find anyone better?

I broke up with my now ex about 2.5 months ago. Literally a week after we broke up, he had reactivated his online dating profile and was online almost daily. About 3 weeks ago, he contacted me and we started discussing what went wrong, etc. Since then we apologized to each other for our roles in our relationships. We have been talking about getting back together .. my only concern is that when I asked him if he was actively looking for another girlfriend he said no, yet he is still online daily? I feel like he only wants to get back together because he can't find anyone else.


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  • He could be on the site to talk to friends he made there. Or it could be more. It doesn't really make sense that he would be looking for a another girlfriend while suggesting that you get back together. In any case he's not going to say yes to a question like that!

    A better way to judge his motives for getting back together is to consider what you already know about him. Did he have any kind of tendency to stray when you were together? When you discussed your roles for the breakup, what do they say about his motivations for wanting to start over?

    You haven't mentioned whether you want to get back together. Since you broke up with him, are you satisfied that the reason for the breakup is resolved? Does that discussion speak to your doubts at all?

    • Those are all good points, thank you. He didn't stray during the relationship but he occasionally fudged the truth and then say "I can't remember" when I'd catch him. I feel like he just wants me around to babysit his child and pay for things because he thinks I'm a doormat and this going online still thing just proves it?

    • Well, if you felt neglected and used in the relationship, has anything changed that convinces you that he won't do that again? To me, that's a bigger deal than remaining available online.

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  • well I think he jsut doesn't know what he wants.


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