Why do guys get into another relationship all out of guilt?

I know this one guy who I take college class with is filled with guilt and anger from his last relationship. he still love his ex girlfriend and she does to. so around last November he moved into a house. a random girl whom he met through mutual friends needed a place to stay so they made an agreement. if she pay the bills, clean up the house, cook ,pay half on the rent, then she can stay there and they both can make it seem as though they are dating. he also take her everywhere she ask to go and she don't have to drive. the only reason he kept her until she was getting ready to be deployed because he did not wanna lose his house nor break the lease. now she is gone he feel even worse. he feel as though there is nothing he can do to make up for his relationship because his ex girlfriend feel as though he have done everything with the girl. so why do guys get into another relationship when they have guilt and hurt all inside of them? he even told us when he had sex with her or do things with her, he be wanting to cry because the girl suppose to be his ex. his mutual friends talked him into letting her stay there because she has no place to go. so basically she paid to be there. she even paid for his clothes, car note, and etc


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  • He dated her because he wanted to. Don't let him fool you. He wanted to cry during sex? Lol, yea right. Guys don't stick their d***s where they don't want to. He had a choice. Plus, the other chick is the ex, is he just supposed to mourn losing her forever? I think not.

    • well actually the ex was still in the picture the whole time lol becuase he was defending her and still talking to her. he just got hisself in the mess by putting the new girl name on the lease. so if he kicks her out he gone be in debt. but I asked him if you wasn't ready to move on then why did you move on...

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    • the only thing I told him was I wish him the best of luck...but to never do that again just to make your pain go away

    • Why would you tell him that? It's his life, you're not his mother, nor do you decide what is right or wrong for another person. Let him make his own mistakes.

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