What does my ex want?

my ex dumped me for "draining his life" even though I don't I basically just wanted a normal relationship and he was always hot/ cold on me. he really hurt me he was so cold and was just like cya on the phone do whatever you like I don't care. I think blocked him etc etc finally decided it was too painful having someone who didn't love me back in my life. I had no contact for 2 weeks then I got a blocked number missed call a few days ago. then yesterday morning he messaged sat morning saying "hey". I got drunk sat night and called him once he didn't pick up and messaged being like you busy? in the morning about 10.30am he messaged saying hey what's up sorry was asleep. I said "call me" he did we talked for like one min he didn't even seem happy to talk to me he was just cold and sort of liek what did you do last night I said I got a bit drunk went out and he was like anyway I'm going to go and I'm like oh mm why then he was like ill call you later then we hung up. wtf did he even contact me for to brush me off again?


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  • Maybe he wants to be on friendly terms with you

    • but just hey .not hey how are you. its not like he was trying to start a conversation..

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  • he feels lonely and wants your attention, or he wants to see if you have moved on or not

  • He still thinks about you and wants to see if you've moved on

    • is that because he wants me back or more just curiousity

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