Broken heart but still hope. Thoughts?

Me and my ex boyfriend we're together for 2years on and off in a LDR, he has broken up with me before and came back after a month ... Recently he moved down to near where I live for a univresity he liked... So we could see each other on the weekends , even the weeks but I don't think he was really intersted.. Anyway he was very distant with me for about 2 weeks .. I didn't see him the he broke up with me by text " I don't love you anymore, I don't want a relationship " I begged him to see me so we could talk about it.. He didn't want to , so I left it like that , we haven't spoken for 3 weeks , so its totally NC , ven my birthday was yesterday he didn't wish me HB .. He is not coming back this time , but I still can't help hoping .. I feel like I'm never going to find someone I love that much again, he was gorgeous ,made me laugh , he was so sweet and caring.. But he broke my heart, I love him so much.. I get depressed and cry sometimes , but I still go out with my mates and have a laugh and study hard in uni.. but he is still on my mind , I still love him and miss him so much ... I can't stop hoping thaht one day my phone will ring it will be him or that I'm going to see him again...b/c the thought of never speaking to him or seeing him again , makes me feel sick...

B/c I don't think I'll ever contact him again unless he does..


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  • I know at the moment it seems awful and that he is the only one In the world that can make you happy ever again. Most people on here will tell you this, because we have all been there, done it and got the t-shirt/ broken heart.

    But I can tell you now 3 months ago I was in exactly the same situation as you, but I am now moving on with my life because there was no way I was going to spend my life wasting time on someone that does not care for or love me.

    This guy has been rather blunt and it wasn't very nice. He should have been more aware of your feelings and apologized. I know it is horrible, you will then go through that stage of hoping he will be friends with you and will continue wishing you happy birthday.

    But the guy is a jerk and is letting you know he doesn't want anything more to do with you.

    Right now girlie, you need to say bugger him! He is not part of your life any more. You will grieve but you WILL get over this. Move on, keep moving forward and find someone that is worth your time and devotion.

    Some suggestions : Delete him from your life, this will help. Delete his number, from Facebook, twitter, whatever you have to do get rid of the moron.

    You are young and have your whole life ahead of you.

    Now write a list of all the things you want to do in life and start ticking things off. I bet you when you aren't looking for it, love will be right around the corner.



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  • He said he doesn't love you and doesn't want a relationship so that really is the end all be all.

    I'm sorry to say. My ex told me a while ago that he doesn't see us getting back together either. And last year he said he doesn't love me anymore (this was two months after he broke up with me). When they say that there is nothing you can do. I know how you feel but the only thing you can do is try to distract yourself with friends and hobbies and let time help you heal. The latter is the only thing that will really help things get better in addition to no contact. You seem a lot like me in the fact that he comes to your mind no matter how "distracted" you are.

    That's why I want to stress that no matter what, you shouldn't contact him. Follow jam66's advice and delete all of his contact info and don't allow yourself to hear anything about him from friends or the like. Maybe one day he'll realize what he's missing and it'll be way too late for him because you'll have found someone who has all of the qualities you loved in him and more.

    Take it from me, I've messed up and contacted my ex a month after the break up and it ruined any chance I had of having a cordial relationship with him again. Now he doesn't speak to me at all and the last time I saw him, he hugged me but then acted like he couldn't speak to me for the rest of the time we were at the event (hosted by a mutual friend). Meanwhile, I acted like myself.

    Once you get to that point and you're around him that's the best way to be. In fact you should try to be that way now--confident. It's okay to want to cry yourself to sleep for a while. Time really will make things better. And also, don't feel pressured to move on in 6 months max just because that's the "rule". You'll move on and get over this in your own good time.

    All the best!

    • Thank you very much for your answer.. Yes I am doing NC and have been since we broke up.. I'm not really the type to continue texting , as for fb I've blocked him of course... Still doesn't gte him off my mind though, tbh , I don't think I will ever get the chance to see or / speak to him again.. I guess that's a good thing ...

  • how can you say he is so sweet and caring after he left you hanging? stop wasting tears on such a cold hearted person,chances are he met someone new,but it ain't going to work out because he hurt another ..karma is a bitch

  • i feel your pain my ex boyfriend broke up with me a month ago we dated almost 5years on and off every time he broke up with me I felt like he would never come back to me and I would never able to be talking to him again then after 5years of on and off relationship he broke up with me 5 times and came back to me 5 times if your ex and you really had great deep connection he would misses you maybe he even wants you back but the problem is are you gonna be able to trust him again? first breaking up is easier than 5th. it really is hard to keep up with an old relationship just because the trust has broken .. even if he goes out with another girl he will still think about you for a while and maybe he will even try to contact you again but that doesn't mean he know what he wants yet

  • I think that you will find somebody else that you will like soon, so don't worry about it. There are more people out there


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