Basically telling me I'm just something to keep him busy right now, is that what he's saying?

HISTORY: I met this guy at a bar when he was in the last month of his relationship with his ex girlfriend and a month or so after breaking up with my ex. We went out on a few dates together and never did more than kiss. I moved out of town for a few months and didn't really talked to him. once I decided to move back he said I could stay with him but that he wasn't really looking to date or get serious with anyone because he is not over the pain of the break up, I didn't mind I lived for free and he paid for everything. We had a kind of friends with benefits situation , we promised we would let each other know if anything happened with other people. Once I decided to move out of town again and when I told him he said he did not want to influence my decision but he would like it if I stayed. I did. Anyway its 8 months later, we do everything together and he is honestly my best friend. but obviously I'm a girl and I am now so in love with him.

IMPORTANT 1: The other day he left his phone and computer at the house with me accidently (he is usually very private about these things.) so many pics of his ex on his computer and one of them hanging out within the last month. I asked him to be honest with me and he was. he said he still loves her and that she asked him to get back together recently but he said no because "how they broke up, his pride won't allow him to be with her in that way again" but that she will always be important to him and if she needs him he will be there for her. He told me that they talk twice a week but never did anything sexual.

IMPORTANT 2: He tells me he really cares about me and I am important to him and the only real friend he has made in years. He is sorry I go the short end of the stick but after his break up it really hurt him and he doesn't want to jump into a relationship like that again. He hopes that from how he treats me I understand that he really cares for me (he kinda supports me I guess.) H doesn't want me to distance my self from him and he doesn't know what the future holds because he hasn't figured out what he even wants in life yet?

QUESTION: what does all of that mean? and what should I do? pls be brutally honest, I don't think I want to keep attaching myself to someone who is basically telling me I'm just something to keep him busy right that what he's say?


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  • i don't think he wants anything serious with you

  • He's not ready for a relationship

    Are you wiling to wait for him to be?


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