Girls, I need your opinion on this situation?

My story goes like this,

I like this colleague at work, we started working the same day

we chat, and talk to each other occasionally

Anyway, our routine after work goes like this

We basically ride the same bus together, and at the station is were we split up, she rides a train, and I ride another bus.

And there was this one time, she broke from this routine, instead of catching the train, she went to the mall, so here was I got curious and all so I followed her from afar.

So basically I stalked were for awhile, turns out she just picked up something from the grocery section, and suddenly she turned around, so she caught me, I turned around pretending I didn't see her. As I looked back, she was walking towards me so I stopped.

Now were walking together, so she asked me was what was I doing in the grocery. I wasn't able to answer for a while, I just said, I thought you were going home? She said she had to pick something up. Finally I decided to say bye to her.

That ends my wonderful day

My question:

1) I assume, now she knows I like her.

2) When she asked me, she didn't seamed to be mad, angry or scared for following her, I think she was kind of smirking. What does this mean?

3) Should I make a move on her?


Everything seems to be fine between us, I can still go talk to her normally, we still ride the same route. I don't feel like she's moving away or there's an empty space between us when I approach her or anything.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The smirking part suggests that she was amused by your behavior, I personally think that it means that she interested in you but I can't really be sure. I would start with a little harmless flirting and see how she reacts, don't come off too strong though.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't necessarily make a move, but test the waters. See if she'll flirt with you, see how she reacts when you talk to her a little more often. I find reading body language also very helpful, so try doing that to see if she kind of backs off from you now or keeps being open and nice.

  • Not yet... she is probably suspicious cause you stalked her. Wait for her to trust you again before you do anything.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, she wasn't put off by yur following her, and maybe halfway was expecting you to do this..maybe that's why she suddenly turned around. She mayhave been expecting you would follow her at some point. She probably has figured out that you are attracted to her.

    Since she didn't seem put off when she caught you at it, I'd say she's open to your suggesting an informal get together won the way hime; who knows what it would lead to?

    But remember the problems of a work relationship--think things through before you follow up with her. She is probably thinking that through also, so don't be surprised if she says she just wants to be friends.


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