I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is breaking up with me tomorrow.

My boyfriend of 5 months hasn't contacted me or responded to any of my texts for 5 days now. We had plans for tomorrow so I'm pretty sure unless he cancels that he will break up with any when I get there. I love this man with all my heart and I feel sick inside at the thought of losing him. I've never told him I love him yet. If I'm right and that's what happens...what should I say or do? I know nothing I say will prevent it if that's what he wants but I don't want to leave with the regret of not saying something I should have.
Well he canceled our plans but said he would meet me at his place so I could pick up my daughter's math book...I waited 2 hours and he never showed so I took the dignity I had left and came home
Ok Ya'll ...what do I do now? I have to get my stuff and my kids stuff from his place. I didn't text him after he didn't show on tues.


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  • I would totally focus in on what it is that you feel you need to say to him before you go your own way. who knows what's been going on with him and there's nothing wrong with letting him know where you're at and that you've been wondering how he's doing and that you've missed talking to him. there's no shame in being honest which is something people are so afraid of doing. find out what happened and let him know what's been going on with you and take it from there. take care and keep faith in yourself ok? life's too short.

    • Thank you so much! This hurts so much. We've never even had a disagreement. I fell in love with him and can't just turn it off

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    • well I suppose the best way for you to deal with this is to just go to his place and gather up whatever belongings you have over there and not say a word. if he doesn't understand what he did to you and your children then he does not need an explanation. you have every right to protect them from hurt and hard ache (although I know you must be going through that) I hope when the time is right you can tell them the truth so they can understand what's right and what's wrong. message me anytime!

    • U are right! Why should I try to talk to him when he's treated me like nothing

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  • Gather all your thoughts, prepare for the worst, speak your mind, say your peace.

    Walk away knowing you said everything you could at that time and at that moment.

  • Try to stay positive; there may be other reason she's been incommuicado lately. He may need help with some persona lproblem; be ready for that.

    I do think he might break up with you, but not necessarily, and don't worry too much. Que sera sera...

    But if he isn't breaking up with you, it's time to tell him your feelings. He might or not might not be aware of them already.

    • I'm certain he knows how I feel...the last I saw him he kissed me goodbye and said see you Tuesday baby...he's close with my kids too...it just seems like we are too far into the relationship just to stop calling with no explanations

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    • it's weird he'd stand you up for pickin gup yur daughter's book. Eithe rhe's just rude, or he has some real pressing business to take care of..and he didn't even text an apology?

    • Nope...I text him to let him know I was there waiting and he never responded...yes it is rude.

  • well if he's not replying that is a clear sign he's not interested , if its been 5 days what makes you think he is still going to show up tomorrow ?

    unfortuently you make have to expect the fact this relationship didn't work out and wasn't meant to be

  • I don't know that I can offer anything better than Kambo, it's good advice.

    If he is breaking up with you, hear him out. Perhaps it is something that the two of you can work through, maybe it's a misunderstanding.

    Good luck.


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  • whats been happening

    • Nothing since I updated last night.. sigh

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