What does he want? Breaking up or not?

LDR for almost 4 years, he is a navy and in the ship right now. currently we had argument and clearly it was a misunderstanding but he didn't explain the point where I misunderstood. then I sent email telling him how I felt. the email was a bout asking him why he did curtain things and how he made me felt when he stopped talking when I hasn't really said bout what's on my mind Because I think it's unfair.

he replied that maybe we not gonna understand each other bcoz of this and this and they way I make him feel like he is a bad boyfriend. so I replied that all I wanted to say was that I wanted him to know what bothers me and not doing it. he finished his mail saying that"" he hopes he can be a better friend than a boyfriend , what ever the case may be, he will always be there for me" so is he breaking up with me?


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  • it sounds like he is not being a real partner in the relationship if you can not even ex[press things that bother u,he is basically saying he wants to be friends because the boyfriend thing isn't working..girl I know it hurts but not only are you dealing weith the physical distance,he is emotionally distant as well..he is disconnected,u have to let him go..or it is going to hurt when he tells you straight up.

  • i think he is breaking up with you


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