Should I make a move? I can't tell how he feels.

Okay so I like this guy who I've known for three years now, but I've never really talked to him before this year. Whenever we talk we always end up laughing and smiling a lot. He laughs at a lot of things I say and he jokingly makes fun of me. He's always trying to figure out my "secrets" though. He told me that I "have more secrets than anyone" Me and my best friend have this weird non-spoken communication and today he was watching us the whole time make hand motions and signals and he was trying to figure what we were saying and you could tell he really wanted to know what we were talking about (little did he know we were talking about him). I don't know. I love talking to him and I think he might like me but he's also really outgoing. But I know he wants to talk to me because I know how he gets when he doesn't want to talk to someone. I want to make a move but I want to be sure he has at least some feelings for me before I do that.


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  • I was in a similar situation when I was in school (I'm the guy in this story). I liked her and I did a lot of the same things your boy is doing. I really liked her but I never made a move. Maybe I didn't want to be rejected, I didn't want to seem disrespectful maybe, or maybe I just didn't know how to take the next step (oh the joys of being young :) ).

    Try this (I wish my friend would have): Next time you are talking with him, just say "ask me out to the movies, this weekend" I know it sounds lame but do it... when he does, say "FINALLY" with a big smile on your face. I promise he will be the happiest boy around.


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  • He seems to be interested in you. Tell him a couple secrets. Make plans with him to be one on one.

  • I would say give him some hints that you like asking him what he's doing at the weekend and make yourself available for him and stuff. It sounds like he likes spending time with you anyway. If he asks you stuff about your family and stuff then I would say he has to be a little interested.


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