My ex calls me crying saying how much he needs me?

My ex, who I haven't talked to in about 5 months, contacts me out of nowhere, he basically just texted hi, then four hours later at 3 am I get like five missed calls, and a voice mail of him whining about what a mistake he made. He called me again this morning, and he just acted like normal, like nothing happened. I ask him what was all that, and he just told me he couldn't talk, but he needs to see me asap.

My ex cheated on me twice, and I broke up with him. I don't know how I should go about this, because, last time I've heard from him, he wanted to 'hangout' and talk or whatever, but I refused. Keep in mind this ex was one of the first guys I had really cared for, but he also had a temper to the point of punching my face durning an argument.

When we were together, I was the only thing good going for him, since he wasn't in a good place. I helped him through a lot, and he has always said I was the best girl he ever had in his life, since he had no real family really.

Is it bad that I want to tell him to f*** off, because I really don't care anymore. But I do feel somewhat bad, because I know where he is coming from. I don't really know what to think from this situation, since he never admits he needs anything or anyone or every cries... I don't know, I'm crossing my fingers on a bad drunk call dragged out for a little too long.

Should I meet up with him or continue with ignoring him? I feel if I were to see him I would punch him in the face for cheating on me, since I haven't seen him since he cheated. I need outside advice and perspectives...


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  • Its not more complicated then that. Its actually simple just ignore him. He cheated on you twice and punched you and stuff and you wanna talk to him? He doesn't deserve a talk! He just wants to manipulate you so you will take him back. He will use every lie in the book whatever it takes. But if you talk to him he think that he has a good chance of getting you back. Don't talk to him anymore he's a ex for a reason.


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  • Ignore the bastard once a cheater always a cheater and since he did it twice you already know this. Don't put yourself through that hell

    • Exactly what I'm thinking..

    • Clearly even your guys telling you you should stay away if he calls you again answer the phone and laugh in his face don't let him have his power back the fact that your considering meeting with him is giving him to much of it just move on there's billions of people in the world and there's a lot of cheaters but those people never win in life you need to find someone that deserves someone like you

  • He has some personal demons that you're not obligated to have to deal with. Don't meet up with him, it won't be healthy for either of you.

  • Ignore him please!The only thing he will bring to you is hurts.Be good to yourself and move on.

  • Just ignore him. Plain and simple. Don't respond back to his calls.


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