I returned the necklace my ex gave me, she returned a bracelet I gave her?

So I returned the (expensive) necklace she gave me, because she said she didn't want a relationship with me. It symbolized her love for me, which I believe is non existant.

And she a month later returned the first gift I ever gave her (it was a cheap bracelet unfortunately). Symbolizing the relationship I think.

I don't understand why she did that though? I thought she didn't care.
She has -to my knowledge- kept prettier necklaces, rings I had gifted her.

But she decided to only send this back.


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  • It's a symbol showing the relationship is now over.

    The others hold no meaning, they were just something nice gifted to her.

    Although the first bracelet was "cheap" and "not as attractive as the others" the meaning is way more powerful than the others.

    • Well, I think if she had returned the necklace she always wore, which was a far bigger symbol of 'my love for her'. It would have been a lot more potent.

      This is just weird :P

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  • I'd definitely it was to symbolize that the relationship is over and that's it. She obviously wasn't just trying to get rid of all your gifts because if she was she would've sold the necklaces, rings, etc. that you gave her if they were made of something real.

  • Well I think that since you first returned something she had given you, maybe she felt hurt that you did and responded by doing the same thing so you'd know how it feels.

    • I hope it was this. And it seems logical too. That she simply 'copied' my action.

      Because it was already clear the RS was over...

    • Well if you both seem to still be reacting this way it means you're both hurt about it. I sure wish we could all just be honest with our real feelings instead of these other silly ways we behave after a break up. If 2 people still care for each other, hard as it is, swallowing a tiny bit of pride to mend a relationship is often worth it. Anyway, sorry I couldn't be more help.

  • Maybe she just don't like this one compared with others.

    • Probably, the other ones were nicer :)

      What do you think she tried to say with it though?

    • Maybe just closure things.Move on man.

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  • She doesn't, she was just giving it back to you. Go to the gym and pound out reps. It will make you feel better, bro.


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