Why would he choose his ex over me?

So me and this guy started talking, I'm really good friends with his cousin. So he seem to really like me, he even told his cousin that he thinks I'm the one. But recently I've been seeing stuff about his ex on his Facebook, like their arguing calling each other names and than the next week they are chilling together. So I've come to a conclusion that he isn't over her. So I'm not trying to be cocky, but I think I'm the better catch lol he tells me that she isn't doing anything with her life, she just works at McDonald's, she doesn't have any other career goals. While I'm in college on a scholarship, I'm a good student, I'm a funny cool person and I don't have relationship baggage. So from a guys point of view why would you go back to a relationship that doesn't seem stable, when you've met a wonderful girl who seems better than your ex?


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  • Well, I'd say you failed the "not cocky" part decisively...

    There's a reason: She's the better choice for him. I can't tell you why, but if it weren't so, he wouldn't be with her. You see her from the worst side, because she's your competitor.

    • Oh, and from my point of view the McDonald's lady is not really a bad option. If I'm planning for a family later, I don't have much use for a bragging girl making "career goals" instead of good sandwiches.

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