How to move on or get her back?

This girl and I have been dating sort of for the past few years. Lately she has stopped talking under the prefix that she is busy. Yesterday I snapped and blew up on her. Sent easily 30 texts over how she doesn't seem to care, if she wants me gone to just tell me, and apologizing for the eruption. This morning I signed into all my social media sites and found she had blocked me from everything except Facebook. I sent her a text this morning apologizing again and I fear she blocked my number as well. I am ready to move on, but I also want to fix it if I can. How would I do either one?


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    I know it's hard, because I've been in the exact same scenario (and did something very similar).. The key to this is to measure how urgently you want to message her. The more you want to message her, the more important it is to make sure that you do NOT message her.

    Do not send anything. Do not send apologies, because they make it worse. Do not say a word. Give it silence. Unfortunately, you're going to have to move on now.

    That is the only chance you'll have at maybe possibly getting her back, but it's slim... The best thing for your chances now is to start dating someone else, and if she comes back to you, great. If not, then you'll know not to do this next ime.

    Sorry buddy, I know it sucks to be there :P


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  • I've made the mistake of sending angry/passive aggressive texts and my ex hasn't contacted me since. Not even after I apologized. You can't do anything else than what you've already done to fix it (which is apologize). Just leave it up to her to contact you someday. Seriously, don't contact her anymore and go out with friends and find new hobbies. Try to meet new people as well, even if it's just very casual; I wouldn't aim for it to go anywhere with new women.


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  • I advise reading "The Five Stages Of Grief". It will help you, with the moving on part.


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