Made the mistake of trying to talk to ex girlfriend on the weekend. Thoughts?

she was just being immature that night and I fell for her trap of trying to talk to her after her making the situation uncomfortable as she had already been at bar talking to another guy . I guess after not seeing her for a month I missed her and though it be OK to try and talk to her as she seemed to be in a good mood but whole thing ended up not going that well and I felt worse afterwords and felt I had wasted my time and embarrassed myself a bit as some other people saw our awkward conversation , she also tried to claim she though everything was OK between us but I didn't really think it was .

so anyways any point in trying to talk to this girl again or I'am I totally wasting my time ? will she likely become jealous when I finally decide to start talking to other girls again ? how do I repair social damage this girl has caused as other people have seen a couple of our fights in public when she got annoyed at me at the bar


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  • 1) If you just want to be friends and have a good relationship then talk it out. Explain the romance is over but you enjoy being around her so you want to be friends. Make it very clear how you want the relationship to go. Sometimes ex's can still be your best friend and you CAN hang out and have fun together.

    2) If you don't want to be around her at all, don't talk to her period. BEFORE YOU DO THAT! Tell her how you feel about the situation and that you think its best for you not to be friends with her. Be very nice about it though. Don't call her rude things or how she embarrassed you because she will get offended and things will backfire. Instead be considerate of her emotions. Explain how you didn't like arguing and it wasn't a good relationship for either of you. Say your peace and leave it at that. Delete ALL contact with her. You don't want to fall in the same trap twice. Don't try to kid yourself either that she's changed if you know she really hasn't.

    3) Another thing, don't make your choices based on how she'll feel about them. If you want to talk to other girls, do it. If you restrict yourself you're going to get nowhere. You're not together. Don't worry about making her jealous (Unless you still want to get together again) If she gets mad, explain that you're not trying to make her mad. You are trying to reach out again and talk to girls because you two are done. She can talk to guys too.

    4) To repair social damage, hang out with anyone and everyone but her. Apologize for the commotion you both have caused, and explain why you were arguing. Just help people to understand how your relationship was. You don't have to give them details, just explain why you were fighting. People are forgiving/ don't care as much as you think. Don't worry, you'll be just fine.

    • I did try and talk to her about things , she was very hard to talk to as she was being difficult . I 'm not sure if my point got across , I think there is still a lot of healing that needs to take place first before we forgive each other for what's happened . I don't think I'll see that much of her in person anyways . there is some good ideas in # 4 to fix social damage

    • Hmm if she's being difficult to talk to you should back away a little bit from the situation. Give her and yourself some time to think and maybe in a few days try to approach her again. If she's still being difficult you can wait a little longer or drop it until she approaches you (however long it takes). It sounds like you both need to have a serious talk so in the meantime vent to your friends/ family or anyone you know will listen to you. (You could talk to her friends to see what's her deal)

  • She's your ex for a reason. How she feels and if she gets jealous is not your issue just move on and find someone new


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