Is he into me at all, or just nice?

I met a guy at a volunteer day at our local nature preserve. I later found out that his dad & my dad are friends & volunteer together. My dad asked him about his schooling & stuff. He said that there weren't a lot of girls in his classes & that it sucked. My dad thinks that we'd make a cute couple...He IS adorable & funny. The way he & his dad banter is hilarious!

That day, I hung out with him, his dad, my dad, another dad & his 2 girls, on a tower, waiting to hear if any of the youth hunters shot any deer. Come dark, we didn't hear anything; we headed back toward the preserve hut. I walked with Josh & the 2 girls while the dads filed back further. We talked a little bit about hunting & school, but nothing too lengthy. He held the door for me & smiled as I walked past. saying "thanks!"

Following weekend was a 2 day disabled hunt. We sat in the nature center with a bunch of other people. Josh stuck by his dad & I stuck by mine. But we did catch each others eye every once in awhile.

Last weekend, Josh's dad texts my dad that he shot 2 deer & needed help tracking. We go over there & wait for the entire group (Mr. B, Josh, Josh's uncle & Josh's friend Nate) to get together. While the guys were loading the gator with all of their stuff, Josh asks me "Were you out sitting today?" & I go "no the wind was wrong." Then he goes "oh bummer." His dad then starts to explain how "it went down" & they bantered a bit lol It was one of those "had to be there" moments.

We get to tracking & the boys made me stay on "last blood." It was funny Because Josh bumped his head on multiple tree branches, trying to find the blood trail. When we were getting close, Mr. B called me up front & told me to track it. I found her - & got startled haha

Josh & I helped hold the deer, while Mr. B guided me through gutting it. It was pretty cool! :) Once that was done, & we made it back to the gator, the boys & I sat, while the men went to get the trucks.

"Josh, you make sure Sally gets a seat. Be a gentleman." Mr. B calls as he gets in the truck with my dad. So Josh lets me have the seat, even tho I would have been perfectly fine chilling in the back with the deer. He and Nate get to talking about stupid stuff they Josh got hurt in baseball - slamming into a fence and tearing open his knee and elbow, how they wiped out on the snow hills up north and how they can't wait to go again. Josh had pickers stuck in his shirt that were bugging him, so he "stripped" (he had under armor on under his shirt) - uns uns uns he said as he unbuttoned his shirt LOL

Once his dad came, they loaded all of their stuff up into the suv. "Sally, you can have shotgun. You wouldn't wanna sit inbetween two smelly guys, would ya?" Josh goes. Then he adds "Although...I've had enough bromance for one day." The two of them shared a stand. Before leaving, we all said goodbye and he goes "see ya sally!"

Following day, we saw each other again & we were both wearing plaid! lol
Unbeknownst to me, my dad sent Mr. B a text message telling him to tell his son that if he ever wanted to hang out, that Sally's available & he included my number...good or bad move by my father? I found out he sent it the day of the deer track - but he sent it after the disabled hunt, which was a week before the track. I saw that Mr. B replied: "Passed info on, but he doesn't talk to me about girls much" Bad sign?


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  • You're in the puppy love stage, so don't worry so much about signs. At that age, I'd have been a lot more aggressive. I would have patted your behind when I held the door for you, to see if you would have giggled.


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  • his dad and him sound like sweethearts! I think you should flirt more when you are around him, make an effort, he likes you but I don't know to what extent but it wouldn't hurt if you flirt more

    • They are! :) How should I...flirt...without being clingy or needy? :/

    • well just touch his arm and smile to him, tell him once or twice that he looks nice when he is not wearing the armour

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