Ex is acting super into me again, does he want to get back together? Please read!

So my ex and I broke up 2 months ago. He insisted we stay friends and still hang out all the time... he said it wasn't that he wanted to see other people or anything he just felt like he couldn't deal with the pressure and expectations of being a boyfriend (talking every day, spending time with my family, etc). I thought it was a load of crap and that we wouldn't actually stay friends.

Funny thing is, we have... after about a week (he "wanted to give me space") he started asking to hang out all the time again. Like probably 5 days a week. And we would spend nights together, but not always - we would hang out a lot without hooking up. It felt like we were still together, except I could tell he was a little standoffish. But he always wanted to hang out/was always asking what I was doing (very confusing).

Anyway, that went on for a while. Flash forward to now. We didn't really talk for like all of last week because I decided I should try to distance myself. Once we did hang out after that, he has been crazy affectionate. For the past week or so he's been acting all lovey, cuddling with me (which we didn't do for a while, I'm guessing because he didn't want to send the wrong message) and going on nice dates (to dinner, happy hour etc) like we are together again.

I don't know if he wants to get back together, or if he is just feeling so happy/cheery/lovey around me because we spent some time apart.

I want to ask him but I am afraid of ruining this. If I ask if he is interested in getting back together, and he isn't, I feel like we won't really be able to hang out anymore.

Do you think he wants to get back together? Guys usually phase out their ex by now (2 months) if they aren't interested right? He still seems so into me, it confuses me so much. Help.


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  • I think your questions apply to you just as much as him. Both of you seem to like what you have and both are afraid that almost anything with ruin it, although neither of you knows what it is that you have that would be ruined. Thus it's hard to say what kinds of things can ruin it.

    While it feels good, what you have is going to change one way or another sooner rather than later. It can't remain both close but undefined for too long. Letting things play out until they find their own resolution, they might work out where you are both happy with the final place. Or it might go where one wants but the other doesn't. Or it might go where neither of you want it to go. It's impossible to say when you don't know what you want.

    The choice is whether to risk ruining things by trying to direct matters where you want them to go (assuming you know what you want) or risk ruining things by doing nothing. Knowing what you want might make it easier to know which way makes more sense.


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  • if you want him to come back as a boyfriend,don't be so available to him,the minute he sees that he could be losing u,he will want you to be his again.You can't miss someone who ain't gone


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