Broke up 2 months ago, still hang out and talk all the time. Does he want me back or just wishful thinking?

He still wants to hang out all the time, we talk almost every day and when we hang out we don't always hook up. It feels like we are together again but I don't want to bring it up and risk losing him altogether.

Don't guys usually phase an ex out of their life, and detach themselves after a few months? It's been two months and we still hang out and talk all the time, and he seems really into me when we are together.

Do you think he regrets the breakup/wants me back?


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  • That's... SUPER unhealthy. How can you move on if you guys hang out all the time? As you said, this leads to ''wishful thinking'', and that's the LAST thing you should feel right now. Maybe you're more in touch with your emotions than me. Maybe you don't mind the heartache when you're around him. But personally, when my ex and I broke up and he told me he wanted to stay friends and keep in touch, I told him there was no way I'd agree to this. He wanted us to still call and text every once in a while, help each other out with school things and swim together at the pool like we used to. He said ''You're my best friend right now, I just want you to remain my friend, just a really great friend instead". I told him he can't have his cake and eat it too. We broke up over the phone (wasn't our 1st breakup discussion though, we had discussed this in person previously) and I haven't contacted him ever since. No text, no email and no phone call. He and his family are blocked on Facebook and I deleted all of his friends too. Wanna know why? Cause I wanted this to hurt as little as possible. And it DID. I know myself, I know I'd crave Facebook stalking him every once in a while, to see if he'd gotten a new girlfriend or something, to see if he had gotten that job he always told me he wanted, to see if his friends were still dating the same girls. But honestly, it would have hurt to go through this and know those things when I wasn't ''entitled'' to know them anymore. So I decided I wouldn't let myself venture this avenue. I wanted this to be the cleanest, crisp breakup there could be and it was. I've moved on after few weeks, it's been around 2 months since and I've dated a few guys already. I don't think my ex wants me back and I don't care if he regrets the breakup or not. I'm still bitter about this, as I am with most people that I kicked out of my life, and I believe that true, genuine friendship with an ex can ONLY happen when you tell yourself and MEAN IT: "If he declared his love for me and asked me to get back together, I would tell him no". If the answer isn't no right now, you're gonna get hurt someday, I'm pretty sure. It's not frienship, it's COPING, and I think it's as unhealthy as a breakup can be.

  • He may just want to have your company and all the things he liked about the relationship without actually being in a relationship. If he hasn't brought up getting back together while acting like y'all are together, it's safe to say he's just enjoying the benefits without the commitment. This isn't good for you. I'd confront him about it (gently) and then if what I said was true, cut the ties and start moving on.


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